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Environmental Policy

Italian Bike Tours sell holidays which are basically environmentally friendly;

Cycling does not harm the environment. Still our business does include factors which can potentially harm nature and the environment. Italian Bike Tours’ complete staff has been made aware of this and so we have instigated policy to control the negative effects of our business where ever possible;

  • Waste separation for recycling already takes place in our office, but can be improved upon;
  • Cutting down on electricity by installing energy saving light bulbs and improving isolation of the office building is already in progress;
  • Limiting paper use;
  • Limiting the number of copies we have printed of our brochure and limiting its distribution by ensuring a more selective distribution at fairs for instance;
  • We have launched a website with online booking facility which may help cut the number of requests for our brochure;
  • Stimulating the use of public transport and bicycle amongst staff;
  • Having developed a dedicated navigation APP (ActiveNav) that allows us to educe the amount of paper we print and send you to make the roadbooks;
  • Taking into account the environment when planning our tours especially in the areas of transport, accommodation and activities en route;
  • Adhering to the principles, resolutions and rules of conduct for sustainable tourism;
  • Providing our holiday makers with information and tips on how to help care for the environment while on tour;
  • Communicating our commitment to caring for the environment to our clients, staff and agents through the website, newsletter, route pack, brochure and other channels;

It is in everyone’s best interest, not least our company’s, that it will still be possible to have beautiful and fascinating bike holidays in a clean natural environment in the future.


Read our Sustainability Policy

If you want to read in detail our "Report 0" published in 2020


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