FIND your perfect trip!
FIND your
perfect trip!
Cycling days

Why not? It's the bike paradise!

Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo Galilei were two examples of bike enthusiasts, the initial having designed the first bicycle in history and the latter having studied the inertia principle...just to say that the two weels were always part of the culture our beautiful peninsula!

The beauty of it - and the reason why you shoud visit our rich territory with your bike - is clear and practical: you will not waste time finding a parking spot in the little village alleys, meaning you can stop anytime to take a picture, chat with a local man or woman at the village market, asking where to buy bread or get a good cappucino nearby; try to engage, even if you speak little little Italian, everybody will do their best to help you and you may get an invitation for a late afternoon Aperitivo in the village square...or find a local brewery to get a fresh ale!

This is Italy, this is Us, a land of bike lovers and inventors. And you are benvenuto!

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